What should I pay attention to when wiring at low power laser equipment​?

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What should I pay attention to when wiring at low power laser equipment​?

We make laser machines for different electricity requirement.For low power laser equipment ,we will make it to 220V single phase.And for higher power laser equipment,we make the machine to 380V three phase.However,for the customer from America,they have different electricity system.They have 110V single or 220V three phase.In that case,we will recommend customers to buy a power transformer to solve it.

But some customers from USA or Canada.They told us they have 220V single phase too!You should be careful---YOUR 220V SINGLE PHASE IS DIFFERENT FROM OURS.

In China,we have 220V single with three wires---One live wire,one neutral wire,1 ground wire.

220V three phase

As you can see from the picture,we have one 220V phase wire,1 neutral wire and 1 ground wire.But your 220V is two 110V live wires,1 neutral wire and 1 ground wire.So you will need 4 cables totally to fit your breaker box.

American 4 cables

So you (American) can’t wire the 3 cables to your breaker box(Because your breaker box need 4 cables) if you order a laser machine with Chinese 220V single phase mistakenly.

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