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FAQ for fiber laser marking machine

Views: 35     Author: OPTIC Olina Gong     Publish Time: 14-07-2020      Origin: China laser marking machine supplier

FAQ for fiber laser marking machine

FAQ for fiber laser marking machine 

Fiber Laser marking Machine

1)What is the machine warranty?

The whole laser marking machine has 2 years warranty, within warranty, if the machine parts go wrong that we will ship you a new one by express and the freight cost is on us. Exceed warranty, if the machine broken down, you can call us service center or contact your sales person-in-charge. we will solve your problems within 8 hours online or by video calls.

2)How to operate and set up parameter of the machine?

The operation manual book and video will be sent you with the machine, if you can't operate the machine that our engineers will connect you by Whatsapp or Skype to help you. Most of our customers are able to operate the machine within 3 days.

3)What is the software system?

Almost all the fiber laser marking machine manufacturers using EZCad software system, it can support bmp, jpg, gif, tga, png and tif format, the vector format support Ai, Dxf, Dst and Plt, if you would like to mark special image or vector that you can using CorelDRAW to design, then save it to be PLT format. Next step opening the EZCad software to import your PLT format design, fill in line distance for the vector format file. Final you can mark it easy.

4)Is this machine has quickly-wear part?

Fiber laser marking machine lifetime is more than 100,000 hours under good working enviroment. There is no any other parts need to be changed except the parts broken down.

5)What is your delivery time?

Once we have receievd the customer 50% deposit, the machine will be installed within 3 working days, except special request. All machines have to test 48 hours before shipping to ensure the machine performance and stablility.

6)What is brand fiber laser source you can offer?

Raycus brand fiber laser source with SINO galvo head is a standard configuration in our factory, If you would like other brand fiber laser source that send us your exact requirements, such as IPG, MAX, JPT and so on. As we know, fiber laser source and galvo head are core parts for whole fiber laser marking machine, it is important to use high quality brand.


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