Laser Soldering Machine - Laser Soldering Machine Components

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Laser soldering machine host

The laser soldering host mainly produces laser beams for soldering, which is composed of main parts such as power supply, laser generator, light path part, control system, and so on.

The following figure is the internal diagram of the Handheld laser soldering machine chassis

Laser soldering machine host photograph 4

Laser soldering machine Cooling System

The cooling system provides a cooling function for the laser generator, generally equipped with a water circulating chiller with a power of 1-5 hp.

The picture below is the Laser soldering machine water cooler

Laser soldering machine Cooling System photograph

Laser soldering machine automatic workbench or motion system

This system is used to realize laser soldering, the laser beam moves according to the soldering track according to the specific requirements, and realizes the automatic soldering function of the laser. Generally, there is the movement of the workpiece. The laser head is fixed, the laser head moves, the workpiece is fixed, or both the laser head and the workpiece move. Three motion control forms, the entire system is programmed by CNC programming to control the movement of the workbench as required, and after a simplified programming system, it is easy to operate and can be quickly held without professional skills or education. , OPTIC LASER workbench system, such as the manipulator motion system, two-dimensional, three-dimensional workbench, four-axis linkage workbench, gantry soldering workbench, cantilever workbench, etc., can achieve precise soldering motion control.

The picture below is the motion system of the Automatic laser soldering machine

Automatic laser soldering machine motion system

Laser soldering machine Tooling and Fixtures

Generally in the laser soldering process, the laser soldering fixture is mainly used to fix the welded workpiece, and make it possible to repeatedly load and unload, repeat positioning, in order to facilitate the automatic laser soldering. Therefore, tooling fixture is one of the indispensable equipment in laser soldering production, especially in mass production, whether the fixture is designed in place will directly affect the production efficiency and yield. The OPTIC  LASER has a large number of professional supporting designs Staff, specially designed laser soldering clamping solutions for customers, and provides demonstrations, allowing customers to understand the entire soldering program at a glance.

Laser soldering machine Xenon lamp 

mold repair laser soldering machine of Xenon lamp

200W with single Xenon Lamp, 300W, 400W and 500W With double Xenon Lamp.

Original: China

Lifetime: 3,000,000 times,for example,work 8 hours per day,one lamp can use for 6 months at least.

Laser soldering machine crystal installs inside the metal cavity

Laser crystal install inside the metal cavity

a. High gain, High efficiency, and High optical quality

b.Low threshold, Low loss at 1.06um

c.Good thermal conductivity and thermal shock characteristics

d.Mechanical strength

e.Material characteristics allow for various modes of operation (CW, pulsed, Q-switched, mode-locked and cavity dumped)

Laser soldering machine Observation System

General laser soldering machine needs to be equipped with an observation system, which can perform real-time microscopic observation of the workpiece, which is used to facilitate precise positioning when programming soldering procedures and to inspect the soldering effect during the soldering process. It is generally equipped with a CCD display system or a microscope.

The picture below is the Jewelry laser soldering machine observation system

Jewelry laser soldering machine observation system

The picture below is the microscope observation effect of jewelry laser soldering machine

Jewelry welding machine monitoring system