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Our laser marking equipment includes:

Mini Type Enclosed Fiber Laser Marking Machine, Economy Portable Laser Marking Machine, Curve Surface 3D Fiber Laser Marking Machine, Desktop Fiber Laser Marking Machine, UV Laser Marking Machine, Enclosed Fiber Laser Marking Machine, Mini Type Fiber Laser Marking Machine

This page will tell you some related blog posts about laser marking machine, such as the composition of laser marking machine, customer use cases, how to maintain and maintain laser marking machine, and what role some parts of laser marking machine play in work. Problems and solutions encountered in the use of laser marking machines.

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Here will tell you how to choose a laser marking machine that is most suitable for you or your company and store.

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How to choose a laser marking machine(poster)

Laser Marking Blog

  • FAQ for fiber laser marking machine 1)What is the machine warranty?The whole laser marking machine has 2 years warranty, within warranty, if the machine parts go wrong that we will ship you a new one by express and the freight cost is on us. Exceed warranty, if the machine broken down, you can call
  • Even Made-In-China is getting more and more popular in the world, but still few buyer suffered from forgery, like phones, shoes, clothing, etc. There is a big industry of forgery in China, if you have been Shenzhen, you may heard about Huaqiang North, it is a high imitation electronic product place
  • At this stage, LED companies generally use inkjet printers, and some problems continue to be highlighted.[The advantage of laser marking in LED industry]The disadvantage of inkjet printer:1. The traditional coding equipment consumes a large amount of special ink, the consumption of the material is l
  • How much is the laser marking machine? Many people started to ask about the price of the laser marking machine. I collected some laser marking machine price information so that everyone can clearly understand the price of the laser marking machine without being fooled.The price of the laser mark
  • Fiber laser marking machine is mainly used for surface marking or deep engraving on metal surface(guns, firearms, stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, brass) and nonmetal surface. It also can cut thin metals. Fiber laser marking machine dvantages: 1. It use high precision lift elevator. Ensures per
  • 1. In terms of work, 2D marking is mainly suitable for flat marking and some deep engraving. 2D can not do curve marking and engraving. 3D marking is suitable for embossing, deep engraving and large format marking, especially for marking or deep engraving with uneven, curved and spherical surfaces.3
  • Only 4 steps, step by step teach you to install our laser marking machine Ezcad software, this software is suitable for any of our laser marking machine equipment
  • Laser Marking Machine China Supplier In Best Laser Marking Machine, OPTIC LASER provides you with the most professional laser marking machine explanation
  • How to mark QRCODE as Dotmatrix by Fiber Laser Marking Machine?Do you know that our Fiber Laser Marking Machine not only can mark Logo or Barcode on Metal or some non-metal materials but also can use to mark QRCODE as Dotmatrix, Our EZCAD programe are available for these fuctions, and now we will gu
  • Guns engraving 50w 60w laser marking machineFirstly,if you are looking for firearms trace ability, branding with a permanent logo or text to identify a part?Maybe you are finding the creating custom designs on your firearms, knives or tactical weapons.If so laser engraving has become the standard me
  • Manufacturers are increasingly requiring identification marks on their products to help with traceability. While the traditional marking method is typically ink printing. It’s out of date already, especially in the medical industry as ink that often easily removed, altered, or contaminated. That’s w
  • Future development trend of laser marking machines technologyWith the popularity of fiber laser marking machines , the market demands to further improve marking efficiency (high-speed marking), reduce standby time (automatic loading and unloading system), and expand the application surface (to th
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