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UV Laser Marking And Fiber Laser Marking

Views:10     Author:Optic Kelly     Publish Time: 2020-08-07      Origin:China UV marking machine supplier Inquire

What's the difference between UV laser and Fiber laser engraving machine?

The picture below is a partial sample of the marking machine

Samples of nylon wire, plastic, paper, stainless steel and other materials printed by the marking machine

The main differences between the engraving machine and printer are:

  The engraving machine is to engrave lines and patterns on the surface of the material, and the UV printer is the equipment for printing on the surface of the material. The two are devices in different fields.

   But there is a connection in some fields. For example, if you are making a TV background wall, you need to engrave uneven lines on the tiles, and then print them with a UV printer, so that the formed tile background wall has a 3D relief effect.


The difference between UV marking machine and other marking machines:

        The processing method of the ultraviolet laser marking machine is different from other laser marking equipment. Generally, for CO2 laser marking machine and fiber laser marking machine, they are all used for laser marking method, while ultraviolet laser marking machine It is processed by chemical processing methods, mainly photochemical reactions.


The difference between physical processing and chemical processing methods is:

        Physical processing: The processing method of laser physics is mainly to process the surface of products and materials.

        Chemical processing: The processing method of laser chemistry is to use the laser to penetrate deep into the product material for processing.


In terms of wavelength, the wavelength of ultraviolet laser is shorter than that of visible light, so it is invisible to the naked eye. Although you can't see these laser beams, it is these short waves that enable the UV laser to focus more accurately, thereby producing extremely fine circuit characteristics while maintaining excellent positioning accuracy.


The computer system of the UV laser marking machine directly goes from the computer-aided design data to the processing circuit board, which means that there is no need for any middleman in the circuit board production process. Coupled with the ability to accurately focus the ultraviolet rays, the ultraviolet laser system can implement unique solutions and repeat positioning. It can be said that the positioning is accurate, which is also one of the requirements of the circuit board industry.

The picture below is a picture of UV Laser Marking Machine equipment

UV Laser Marking Machine equipment picture

Benefits of UV Laser Marking Machine

Manufacturers are increasingly requiring identification marks on their products to help with traceability. While the traditional marking method is typically ink printing. It’s out of date already, especially in the medical industry as ink that often easily removed, altered, or contaminated. That’s why many manufacturers have begun to use ultraviolet lasers to mark their products.

Laser marking makes it easy to identify parts and authenticity without a physical tool etching the surface of the part or transmitting any substances onto the surface. Instead, the laser light focused onto a material, producing damage-free, easy-to-read marks. Apple Rubber uses laser marking to add model numbers, bar codes, logos and more onto customer’s o-rings and seals.

The picture below is a sample print detail picture of UV Laser Marking Machine

UV Laser Marking Machine sample printing plastic material detail pictures

Here are the top four benefits of utilizing UV laser marking in your manufacturing facility

Flexible processing

Laser marking also used on many products in a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, defense DOD, medical and electronic components. Apple Rubber uses laser marking on virtually any o-ring or seal where product identification required.

In many industries, product authenticity and traceability is required by law. Automotive companies, for example, use part traceability to quickly determine when and where the part produced in the case of component failure, which helps for product recalls. Because of the importance of product identification, using a flexible and reliable marking technique is critical.[UV Laser Marking Machine]

Overall speed

In traditional ink marking, printing equipment is often mechanically complex, requiring longer downtimes for maintenance and frequent cleanings. With UV laser marking, no prolonged downtime associated with cleaning or fixing a printer, and the overall engraving process is extremely quick and simple.

UV lasers are better absorbed than other wavelengths and marking techniques by virtually all materials, requiring less power to produce a clear mark. This makes the process even simpler since UV laser marking ensures a high-quality, high-contrast mark in one application.[UV Laser Marking Machine]

Maximizes authenticity

UV lasers create easy-to-read marks that are far superior to printed marks or labels. Apple Rubber uses a high-quality laser that can focus in on smaller spot sizes and produce a high peak power, leading to crisp, clear marks on o-rings and seals. This ensures that parts can clearly identified and their markings cannot  altered or tampered with.

In the pharmaceutical industry, counterfeiting has become a huge issue with many social and economic implications. Since pharmaceutical manufacturers are limite in what types of markings they can use, they must choose an option that is tamper-proof, easy to read, compatible with their specific environment and cannot alter the product. Because of these requirements, laser marking is the best choice in this industry and many others that require complete authenticity in their products.

Minimizes contamination

While the ink in traditional marking methods is non-toxic, the printing equipment often utilizes lubricants and solvents that can become airborne and contaminate printed products. Medical manufacturing often requires completely sterile products that produced in a classified cleanroom. In this case, traditional marking would not be acceptable.

During the laser marking process, the marking device does not come into direct contact with the product, allowing for clean operation with minimal contamination. This creates a product identification option for industries that require sterile products. And ensures that outside materials will not cause future contamination of a product.[UV Laser Marking Machine]

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