Future development trend of laser marking machines technology

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In today's society, With the popularity of fiber laser marking machines , what is the development trend of fiber laser marking machine technology. the market demands to further improve marking efficiency (high-speed marking), reduce standby time (automatic loading and unloading system), and expand the application surface (to three-dimensional marking, thick plate, high-reflection materials) Reduce operating costs (reduced power consumption). please check below summarize.


1. High speed

In the operation speed of equipment, many companies are competing to develop high-speed and high-precision laser marking machines to replace mechanical punching machines.

For example, our models launched by Swiss Baichao Laser Co., Ltd., the coding speed can reach 40m/min, acceleration. In fact,it is 3g.

And it can be coded 20mm stainless steel, 12mm aluminum alloy and 6mm copper, etc.

Its power consumption is only 60kW, the effective utilization rate of the machine can reach 95%.

And the processing efficiency of the thin plate is equivalent to that of the punching machine.Future development trend of laser marking machines technology

2. Large format thick plate

At present, the concept of “precision shipbuilding” has emerged internationally.

High-power laser marking technology is commonly popular in shipbuilding in the United States, the European Union, Japan, South Korea and other countries and regions.

At present, foreign mainstream large-format laser coder generally adopts airborne laser structure.

Besides,the processing width is 3m×25m, the coding plate thickness can reach 40mm.

And people use it more and more in ships, ships and other industries.

3. Intelligent

Further combining the laser with computer numerical control technology, advanced optical system, and high-precision and automated T-piece positioning.

Besides,the automatic nesting, coding process database, remote diagnosis and remote control are together.

And the laser marking functional components are combined with The combination of other processing methods makes multi-function processing machines.

Such as laser punching machines, which is more in line with the complex processing needs of the factory.

It combines the versatility of laser marking and the high-speed and high-efficiency characteristics of other processing forms. , punching, coding, scribing, forming, etc.