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Our laser processing equipment includes:

Laser Welding Machine, Laser Marking Machine, Laser Cutting Machine, Engraving Machine, Laser Cleaning Machine And Other Laser Equipment.

Here are the blog articles about laser processing equipment that you want to know, such as the composition of laser processing equipment, how to maintain and maintain laser processing equipment, and what role the components of laser processing equipment play in work.

Here will tell you how to choose a laser processing equipment that is most suitable for you or your company and store.

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How to choose a laser welding machine(poster)
How to choose a laser cutting machine(poster)
How to choose a laser marking machine(poster)

Laser Equipment Blog Post

  • At this stage, LED companies generally use inkjet printers, and some problems continue to be highlighted.[The advantage of laser marking in LED industry]The disadvantage of inkjet printer:1. The traditional coding equipment consumes a large amount of special ink, the consumption of the material is l

  • Even Made-In-China is getting more and more popular in the world, but still few buyer suffered from forgery, like phones, shoes, clothing, etc. There is a big industry of forgery in China, if you have been Shenzhen, you may heard about Huaqiang North, it is a high imitation electronic product place

  • FAQ for fiber laser marking machine 1)What is the machine warranty?The whole laser marking machine has 2 years warranty, within warranty, if the machine parts go wrong that we will ship you a new one by express and the freight cost is on us. Exceed warranty, if the machine broken down, you can call

  • How much is the laser marking machine? Many people started to ask about the price of the laser marking machine. I collected some laser marking machine price information so that everyone can clearly understand the price of the laser marking machine without being fooled.The price of the laser mark

  • The performances of laser cutting machine, like cutting accuracy, speed, effect. And stability are some factors to determine the cutting quality of laser cutting machine, so they gain the most concern by the buyers.Cutting precision of laser cutting machine:Laser cutting machine has advantages of hi

  • Fiber laser cutting machine basic knowledgeLaserIn short, a laser is a focused beam of light that concentrates a lot of energy on a small area. When this happens, the material in front of the laser will burn, melt or vaporize, forming a whole. Adding some CNC to it, you can get a machine that can cu

  • Firstly, the process that the usual head can not complete, the wobble welding head only needs to use about 70% of the power. So the cost of the laser can be saved;

    Secondly, wobble welding back and forth through the galvanometer motor. For material with large impurity, it can reduce bubble, fried point, splash, etc.

  • 1.Desktop jewelry laser welding machine applies high energy pulse to heat a specific tiny area of certain materials. Controlling the laser pulse width, energy, peak power and repetition rate, and other parameters, make melt, forming a specific pool.2.This type of machine designed according to ergono

  • Many customer asked about Autometic Wire Feeder on Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine, When have to use automatic wire feeder?The Answer is This feeding system have stable feeding function, with strong anti-jamming. Can feeding 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mmCan be widely used in aluminum alloy, stainless ste

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