Robotic Fiber laser welding

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Robotic fiber laser welding, laser welding brass, welding aluminum, welding stainless steel and other metals, 6-axis automatic laser welding machine improves your productivity.
  • OPT-RW200/300/400/500/1000/1500/2000/3000/4000/6000/8000
  • Metal
Cooling System:
Laser wavelength:
Welding depth:
Pulse Width:
Application material:


Model OPT-RW1000 to OPT-RW8000
Laser power 1000W一8000W
Manipulator ABB / KUKA/ FANUC
Welding head wobble welding head
Laser medium FIBER
Mechanical axis Six-axis linkage
Maximum arm length 1450mm一1650mm
Laser source Raycus / MAX/ IPG

Range of Application

Robotic welding is one of the most common robotic applications in the industrial sector, being driven mainly by the automotive sector for the last several decades. Robotic welding is most productive when completing high-volume, repetitive welding tasks.

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With robotic welding integration, you can:

  • Decrease Employee Risk to Burns & Hazardous Fumes

  • Increase Quality & Consistency of Welds

  • Decrease Time Required to Finish The Job

  • Decrease Space Needed to Perform Tasks

  • Decrease Labor Costs

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The latest in welding technology, laser welding and is an ideal solution for high speed, precision welding. Robotic laser welding expands upon this ground breaking technology even further, offering precision and repeatability to even the most complex, tedious tasks.

Robotic laser welding applications are used throughout an assortment of industries that have high volume production rates, including:

Be widely used in precise components welding like:power battery、battery case、hardware fitting、kitchen ware and bathroom accessory、military manufacturing、instruments and apparatus、motor、IT mobile phone components、silicon sheet、sheet metal part、auto parts、laser cladding、medical instruments etc


  1. The machine adopts kilowatt high power fiber laser source with high quality laser beam, stable performance exempts maintenance. Fully enclosed designed  can ensure the sealability and stability of laser source.

  2. Special laser processing heads equipped with coaxial and side shaft gas protection systems linked to the laser, nitrogen protected nozzle structure designed to meet the needs of spot welding and seam welding of typical parts

  3. We use coaxial CCD monitoring system. The monitor is mounted on the operator's table for the monitoring of the welding alignment and welding quality of the workpiece.

  4. Can be equipped with customized multi-style welding fixtures to achieve sealed welding or spot welding; also can be equipped with automatic production line to achieve automatic production

  5. Equipped with robots, high precision, high efficiency, high flexibility, excellent welding quality;

  6. Intelligent control system, open control system, quick and easy;

  7. Imported manipulator, the largest arm length is 1378MM, can be six-axis linkage, can complete the project welding in any space, path and angle. For example, point, straight line, round, square, other flat graphics and space three dimensional trajectory welding; optional two station welding function.

robotic laser welding machine

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