1000W 1500W 2000W Fiber Laser Automatic Welding Machine

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1000w automatic laser welding machine, a CNC comprehensive numerical control welding machine, the price is lower than the robot welding machine, the first choice welding machine for insufficient budget
  • OPT-RW1000/1500/2000
  • Metal
Laser Power:
Laser source brand:




Laser Power

1000W (optional 1500W/2000W)

Laser source brand


Laser source

1000W continuous fiber laser (optional 1500W/2000W)

Laser wavelength

1070nm±5nm m

Laser mode

Multiple modes

Working method


Average output power


Average power consumption


Power adjustment range


Power instability


Transmission fiber core diameter


Minimum spot


Fiber length


Equipment Features

1.Excellent laser beam quality,fast welding speed, the welding joint is firm and beautiful,we provide efficient welding project to the user

2.Controlled by PC, special software assisted, easy to learn, the workpiece can be used for plane trajectory movement, welding any point, straight line, circle, square or any plane graphic composed of straight line and arc;

3.High electro-optic conversion rate, low energy consumption, no consumables, small volume,Can save a lot of processing cost for users after long term use

4.It can be continuously and stably processed for 24 hours to meet the needs of industrial mass production and processing;

5.CCD liquid crystal monitoring and observation system, can clearly observe product positioning and welding effect according to red light indication

6.The welding line is fine, the welding depth is large, the taper is small, the precision is high; the appearance is smooth, flat and beautiful

7.Fiber output, can be equipped with robot or assembly line

8.We have strong ability to customize special models for our customers., and can be customized according to customer needs

9.Provide multi-language display (Chinese simplified, English, etc.) to support international applications

Welding Head Features

1.The swaying welding head has a strong advantage in high-reflective material welding,wide range of application,it is very cost effective

2.The welding head adopts motor-driven X- and Y-axis vibrating lenses, it has various swing modes and able to work on irregular shapes, larger welding spot and other processing parameters setting can improve markedly in welding quality

3.The internal structure of the welding head is completely sealed to avoid dust contamination of the optical part

4.Equipped with air curtain components to reduce contamination of dust and splash residues.

5.The protective lens has a drawer structure and is easy to replace. Can be equipped with various QBH connector laser sources

Application Field

Continuous fiber laser welding machine is suitable for various kind of metal workpiece welding, it is versatile  and suitable for the welding of metal connectors, mobile phone accessories (medium plate, nut), power battery, hardware, kitchen and bathroom electrical equipment, automotive parts structural parts, medical equipment, precision parts etc. It is mainly used for continuous welding of various metal sheets like copper, aluminum, titanium, stainless steel, low carbon steel, etc.

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