What can a laser marking machine do? introduction of Laser marking machine

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     What can a laser marking machine do?    Introduction of Laser marking machine   

         Laser marking is permanent, faster, accurate and now a well-known marking and engraving solution for the metal and non metals. Marking lasers work with short peak power laser pulses. Pulse power, duration, and frequency determine the available energy, which influences the interaction between the laser beam and the material. Mirrors (Galvo) guide the laser beam at high speeds across the work piece. Each laser pulse produces a pixel.


What can a laser marking machine do?

Permanent & indelible marking process.

Non-contact type – doesn’t produce stress or change physical properties of materials.

Clean and Safe process –Chemical-proof, water-proof, oil, grease & fuel-proof.

Internationally Accepted as Quality Marking Standard.

No pre or post processing – Can be done on finished products.

Automated – can be integrated with existing production or packaging line. Controlled by Computer.

Flexible – mark texts, alphanumeric, logos, bar codes, graphics, images, 2D data matrix code etc.

Hardness – doesn’t affect quality of marking.

Least set up time – no tooling and jigs required.

Least or virtually no consumables.

Enhances the aesthetical & monetary value of products.

Counterfeit & Forgery prevention, product tracking & identification and so on.

 laser marking machine

Introduction of Laser marking machine  

Marking Alphanumeric, Serial Numbers, Part Numbers

Marking of Logos, Schematics, Complex Graphics, Images and Pictures

Bar-coding, 2D Data Matrix Codes, Lot Codes, Date Codes

UID Marking (Unique Identification)

Deep Engraving

Paint Removal from Plastic and Metal Surfaces

Hologram Marking