The role of desktop laser jewelry welding machine

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The role of desktop laser jewelry welding machine

Applications of the desktop laser welder OPT-JW200

1.Jewelry repair.

That’s the main application of the desktop laser welder.We name the desktop laser welder jewelry laser welder because 80% customers will use it for jewelry repair.It can weld gold,silver,steel,platinum,titanium etc nearly all the metal.

Jewelry repair

2.Glasses repair.

That’s the second common application for OPT-JW200.The material of Glasses frame is Titanium,Cooper,Nickel etc.When some parts of the glasses is damage,it’s hard to repair them because they are so small and need high quality welding.Laser welding is the best method to weld these small parts.

Glasses repair

3.Dental welding.

Desktop laser welders are specifically designed to weld all dental metals and alloys such as Stainless Steel, Cobalt Chrome, Gold, Silver, and Platinum.

Dental welding

4.Watch repair.

Another application is watch band repair.For example,you can repair watch band with the laser welder.

Watch repair

Desktop laser welders OPT-JW200 can weld nearly all small parts.So it have many applications and here are some main applications.We will see more application through the development of laser technology.