The Latest New Jewelry Laser Welding Machine Mini Spot Welding Machine

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OPTIC LASER has launched the latest new mini spot welder for jewelry welding. The whole body is surrounded by pure plastic, which is the only unique design in China.
  • OPT-JW100
  • Jewelry Laser welding machine
Laser Power:
Max Single Pulse Energy:
Cooling method :

Jewelry laser welding machine video

If you need our file, you can (pngsucai_6081877_48931860w and 80w Jewelry Laser Welding Machine Download) download it. It's only 1 MB in size

Compact benchtop Germany portable jewelry laser welding machine parameter

Laser power


Laser Type




Max Output Energy


Max Single Pulse Energy


Pulse Width




Welding Depth


Spot Size Adjustment Range


Total Power Consumption


Rated Power

AC220±5% ;50HZ

Cooling Method

Water cooling

Net Weight


Machine Dimension (L*W*H)


Gold, silver, platinum, stainless steel, titanium, and other metals and their alloys. Widely used in gold and silver jewelry, rings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces, holes, spot welding brazing, repair seams and the welding of claw parts of the mosaic parts, etc., can also be applied to artificial teeth sand and small precision parts (such as: Inheritance Circuit lead, clock spring, kinescope , electron gun assembly, etc.) 


Desktop Jewelry Laser Welder Applications

Jewelry Welding Samples

Jewelry Welding Machine Samples of Jewelry

Hese Are Some of the Advantages of Opticlaser's Latest Small Jewelry Laser Welding Machine

  1. Germany's Heraeus xenon lamp, life expectancy of at least 2 years,

  2. All accessories of the welding machine using highly integrated technology.

  3. Although there is only 80W of power, the energy of the machine can reach 60 JOULES,

  4. The protective lens of the equipment is protected by double layer. The dirt and welding residue are not easy to leave on the protective lens.

  5. The water cooling system can add 1.5L of pure water.

  6. High quality 10X microscope and HD ccd camera come with the machine.

New jewelry laser welding machine mini spot welding machine (6)

  • High quality and high efficiency. Portable design concept

  • The shell is surrounded by pure plastic, the only jewelry welding machine in China uses a large plastic design

  • German high imitation quartz lamp, domestically made crystal. Because our equipment is more stable and more powerful

  • Color CCD camera, the human body structure engineering design concept adopted by the CCD camera.

  • The water tank is made of high-density acrylic material, which is better than the traditional aluminum water tank. It will not be damaged and will not burst easily.

60w mini jewelry laser welding machine

Small Mini Jewelry Laser Welding Machine

This is a new type of 60 watt jewelry laser welding machine. The energy power is 40 joules. The power supply and all components of the small jewelry laser welding machine adopt high-tech integration to meet the basic needs of customers.

Small, simple, and easy to operate, the weight is only 28 kg, an ordinary person can easily carry it. Because it is small and exquisite, its price is more expensive than 200W.

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New Jewelry Laser Welding Machine Mini Spot Welding Machine

his's a new type of jewelry laser welding machine with 80 watts. the energy power comes with 60 joules.

the compact jewelry laser welding machine power supply and all components are integrated with high 

technology to meet the needs of more and more customers.the machine using the german brand

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80W jewelry laser welding machine.

orange jewelry laser welding machine

200w Best Selling Jewelry Laser Welding Machine

Most suitable for jewelry welders, the best jewelry welding machine for sale, with a new high-definition CCD monitoring, gold and silver jewelry welding first choice, desktop jewelry laser welding machine at a beautiful price

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High Power, High Energy Jewelry Welding Machine

This is a high-power high-energy laser jewelry welding machine, the welding effect is better than other jewelry welding machines, its disadvantage is that the body takes up more space, not suitable for small space use.

400W > power | Max Single Pulse Energy > 100J

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High Power, High Energy Jewelry Welding Machine

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