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How Laser welding is better than TIG/MIG welding

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How Fiber Laser Welding is Better than TIG/MIG

1.Laser welding can apply energy in a non-guassian distribution.  In all arc based welding processes energy distribution in the weld puddle will be gausssian, which is to say there is high energy density in the center and lower density near the edges.

2.Technically laser welding is similar to TIG welding only without the shielding gas.  Laser welding fuses the metal by pulses of intense light and heat melting the members together while TIG welding fuses the members by heat created from an electric arc.  MIG welding and TIG welding are similar in that they both use electricity to melt the material but MIG welding uses a filler material (usually a wire of the same type of material fed through the electrode). 

3.New advancements in laser welding called "metal deposition laser welding" are similar to MIG in that they introduce a filler material by concentrating a cone of powdered metal into the laser's focus point. It will help to solve one of laser welding's biggest obstacles: part fit up.  Since the laser can only create enough heat to melt the metal in a small focus point it doesn't weld consistently well when part fit up varies.  Any gap between the 2 members will cause an inconsistent weld.  For this reason the most common form of welding (at least in a production environment) is MIG, because MIG welding is currently the most consistent and easiest at welding inconsistent fit up of parts because of the filler material.  You can use a filler rod while TIG welding but this takes more skill on the welder's part.

4. The laser welding can create much higher energy densities than practical with MIG or TIG allowing for things like laser hole drilling, or "keyhole" welding.

5. No Finishing of weld With inert gas shielding, a laser weld in stainless steel or aluminium normally requires no post-processing (grinding or dressing) after welding, the weld finish is bright and oxide free and can be typically coated or painted without further cleaning steps.

6. To use on difficult areas o of materials, Since the laser beam is a “line of sight” process, the laser can pass through gaps in a structure to weld areas from the rear, where it would not be possible to introduce a TIG electrode.  Using a camera to view through the laser optics, it is easy to align the beam to a precise feature and perform welds in difficult-to-reach parts of the structure

7. About Gaps,One disadvantage of laser welding is that it tends to rely on good contact and minimum gap between parts to be joined.  With either a laser process or a TIG weld, there is a need to ensure that gaps are minimised or avoided to ensure good results.  With the addition of wire feed, which adds a certain complexity to the process, it is possible to fill gaps or build up areas for additional strength.

8. Higher welding speed,Weld speeds are generally higher with laser welding, especially with modern high power continuous wave (CW) fibre lasers.  A high welding speed sometimes means that the motion system, for example the CNC system or robot contouring speed, is the limiting factor on cycle time rather than the process.

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