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        Advantages of our fiber handheld laser welding machine

About the 1000w handheld laser welding machine, some customers asking about the advantages of the machine. here i want to make a shortly summarize. 

the power supply can be customized into 220V/50Hz (or 60Hz) directly.

1kw handheld laser welding machine advantage is:

1. Small heat effect zone and small welding seam. Minimum laser beam size is 0.4mm, Max laser beam size is 2.5mm.

2. Fast welding speed, high working efficiency, Maximum laser working frequency can reach to 20000KHz.

3. It can weld white and beautiful welding seam if you connect with argon gas, no need post-weld treatment.

4. Low maintenance cost. Machine do not have quick-wear parts. The main part is laser generator (also called laser source),
the laser generator lifetime is 100000 hours, generally, it can use 5-8 years depends on your working situation.

Protection lens and nozzle need to change after a long time using. Generally, nozzle needs to change every 2 years (depends on the attrition rate of nozzle, nozzle material is brass, wear resistance).
Protection lens is easy to get broken in improper operation. Also, if welding dust enters into laser head and stick on protection lens, when laser beam shooting out,
it will react with welding dust, lens will be blurred and affect laser transmission. Please clean the laser head regularly, it can increase the lens lifetime.
We will send you 4pcs protection lens and 2 pcs nozzle unit as spare part.

About 1000w handheld laser welding machine, in order to avoid improper operation and hurts operator, we add a protective system on the machine.
Machine will shoot out a laser beam when you use the red clip to clamp the metal material, otherwise, machine won't work.

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