Co2 laser engraving machine

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  • OPT-6040,OPT-9060,OPT-1290,OPT-1390,OPT-1490,OPT-1610,OPT-1325

Co2 laser engraving machine features

  1. Imported high-precision linear guide rail transmission makes the optical laser path and movement more stable,and better cutting and engraving effects.

  2. Advanced DSP control system, high speed, easy operation, high engraving cutting speed.

  3. Motorized up-down table optional to allow customers to process thick materials. Rotary optional for engraving cylindrical objects, such as wine bottles and pen vases, etc.

  4. We can make double or more laser heads to improve work efficiency.

Co2 laser engraving machine Specifications

Machine modelsOPT-6040 / OPT-9060 /OPT-1290 / OPT-1390 / OPT-1490 / OPT-1610/OPT-1325
Working area600*400mm / 900*600mm / 1200*900mm / 1300*900mm / 1400*900mm / 1600*1000mm/1300*2500mm
Laser typeSealed CO2 glass laser tube, wavelength 10.6um
Laser power60W/80W/100W/150W/180W
Cooling modePure circulating water cooling
Control systemDSP offline control system, laser powersoftware 0-100% adjustable
Max. engraving speed0-60000mm/min
Max cutting speed0-30000mm/min
Repetition accuracy≤±0.01mm
Min. letterChinese: 2.0*2.0mm; English: 1.0*1.0mm
Working voltage110V/220V, 50Hz~60Hz
Working conditionTemperature: 0-45℃, humidity: 5%-95% (No condensation)
File formats*.plt, *.dst, *.dxf, *.bmp, *.dwg, *.ai, *.las, support AutoCAD, CoreDraw software

 Co2 Laser Engraving achine Dimension

ModelMachine sizePacking size

Co2 laser engraving

Wood products, paper, plastic, rubber, acrylic, bamboo, marble, double-color sheets, glass, wine bottles and other non-metal materials

 Co2 laser engraving machine Application Industries

Advertising signs and boards, arts and crafts, awards and trophies, paper-cutting, architectural model , lights and lamps, printing and packaging, electronic appliances, photo frames and albums, garment leather and other industries.