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YAG laser is going to be Eliminated by fiber laser

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Laser welding principle is use high power laser spot to melt the metal in a flash, when stop the laser, welding area will cool down immediately and fuse two parts together, this is a very fast process without physical contact.

How does laser could have such a power?

Laser has 4 attributes so it could used by human.

1)     High brightness: High energy density

2) Good directionality: Not susceptible to interference

3) Good monochrome: In the entire resulting mechanism, only one wavelength of light is produced

4) Coherence: All photons have the same phase, the same polarization, and they add up to a great intensity.


From last century 60s till now, small power YAG laser is still the mainstream laser source type that used in laser welding machine, widely used in manufacturing and processing of light industries, however there is more industries need larger power laser to weld more thickness, but larger yag laser source is very big that spend too much room to place the machine, and yag laser photoelectric conversion efficiency is only 3.5%(fiber laser is 30%), the power consumption is a large cost while use, 6KW power input convert to laser is only about 200 watt output, in nowadays market, we can not see any yag laser that higher than 500 watt.

Though fiber laser do not have all these problems.

So why we do not use fiber laser to instead of yag laser in laser welding?

Because fiber laser was so expensive, that is 3 ~4 times cost than yag laser, but in past 2 years the fiber laser source is getting cheaper and cheaper, small power fiber laser source reduced cost about 50%, large power fiber laser source reduced cost about 40%. Fiber laser source will instead of all YAG laser and Co2 laser soon and soon, it is just a matter of time.


Fiber laser has some definitely advantages in laser welding:

1) Continuous welding

2) It is melting, not hit

3) Non-contact welding

4) Small heat affected area

5) Small and precise laser spot (0.1mm ~ 3mm)

6) Hand held model and automation free

7) No need add filer wire




Fiber laser welder can match to all kind of animation and customization, widely use in aerospace field, car manufacturer such high technology and safety industries, because of the high quality and stable welds.

This article we will talk about 1Kw handheld fiber laser welder.

IMG_7325 - 副本

Because of the continuity of fiber laser, we can do a galvo scanning head to scan the laser path into a circle, that brings wide and optional welding joints, see follows picture:

IMG_7315 - 副本


Optional welding model:



And on our test, 1KW fiber laser has penetrated a exact 4mm stainless steel(See P.1-3), and 80% penetrated a 5mm carbon steel without deformation(See P.1-4)




After test, we got the result of 1KW hand held fiber laser welding capacity, 5mm thickness stainless steel, 4.5mm thickness carbon steel, 2~2.5mm thickness brass, 1.5~2mm thickness aluminum.

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