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Maintenance for fiber laser cutting machine

Views:1     Author:Olina Gong     Publish Time: 2020-01-17      Origin:Site

Maintenance for fiber laser cutting machine is very important, intelligent use will increase the service life of the fiber laser cutting machine.

1) Operator should keep inspect the machine during processing, because while cutting, the metal plate may warp up in a few cases, and the cutting head may hit on plate edge, and it will damage the ceramic ring on cutting head. If it happened carelessly, and machine can not work, you need open the laser head, and check the nuzzlo and ceramic ring.

2) Must connect the voltage regulator to provide stable power supply.

3) Change the cooling water regularly. In summer, change water each week; In winter, change the water each 15 days. The water should be purified water, distilled water or ionized water.

4) Fill the oil for automatic oil lubricating, when the oil level lower than 20%, need fill it up to 80%. The oil will lubricate the transmission assembly, like gear and racks, liner rail.

5) If the cutting edge of metal getting worth, burr on the cutting edge, that means it is time to change the protective lens, this lens is in the cutting head.

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