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Laser processing equipment for the automotive industry

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Laser equipment used in the automotive industry:


        The inner walls, bottom plates, and columns of automobile doors now manufactured by the automobile all have laser technology applied to them. Using the current laser technology, different steel plates and aluminum plates can be cut into different sizes and shapes, and then using laser technology to press them according to specific The design needs to be stitched together. Compared with the previous processing methods, it not only provides processing efficiency, but also has great flexibility in processing design, process design is also more lean, and it also effectively improves the use rate of materials.


  For small parts manufactured in automobiles, not only can the current laser technology be used for fine seamless welding, but also the laser technology can be used to mark product information, which not only improves the stability and safety of the car, but also It is also possible to carry out anti-counterfeiting identification and product tracking on parts.


  Automobile manufacturing involves many related industries. It is a very large system engineering and requires a series of technical cooperation. The application of these laser technologies in the automotive field is just some directions of the application of laser technology in the field of automotive manufacturing. With the deepening of the current relationship between laser technology and the current automobile manufacturing industry, the application of laser technology in the field of automobile manufacturing has involved many industries. Like the current fiber laser marking machine , laser welding machine, and laser cutting machine, it involves many aspects of current automobile manufacturing. Excellent performance advantages are gradually promoting the rapid development of the automobile manufacturing industry.

The car 


  Laser cutting machine for automobile instrument panel rear window pad


  Laser cutting laser stitching of automobile instrument panel


  Laser processing laser sutures for automobile door panels


  Laser processing car horn window mold


  Airbags, and automotive interior parts


  Laser processing car skin pattern


  Laser processing of automobile headlight lamps


  Motor, engine cover

The car interior



  1. Laser welding


  Laser welding has become one of the important methods in automobile manufacturing due to its high energy density, small deformation, narrow heat affected zone, high welding speed, easy automatic control, and no subsequent processing. There are hundreds of thousands of parts in the body and chassis of a car. How to connect them together has a direct impact on the rigidity of the car body. Using laser welding, almost all metal materials of different thicknesses, brands, types and grades can be used. Connected together, while increasing production efficiency and quality, it also increases the flexibility of automotive design and material selection.

    Laser welding machine




  Second, laser cutting


  Laser cutting is one of the most commonly used laser processing methods. The types of laser cutting are divided into four categories: laser vaporization cutting, laser melting cutting, laser oxygen cutting, and laser scribing and controlled fracture. Compared with traditional processing methods, laser cutting has higher cutting quality narrow width of cut , small heat-affected zone, smooth cut, fast cutting speed, strong flexibility free cutting of any shape, wide material adaptability and other advantages. Three-dimensional laser cutting machines are often required for the cutting and trimming of large automotive coverings. In addition, the current automobile manufacturing platform is intensifying, which puts forward higher requirements for the flexibility of the production line. The use of three-dimensional laser cutting only needs to adapt the laser processing program after the model change, and the tooling is simple and the construction period is greatly shortened. Compared with the use of mold manufacturing The cost has dropped significantly. In addition, more and more high-strength steels are used in automobiles. After hot forming of this steel, the stamping process is no longer suitable. The cutting of its contours and holes has promoted the demand for laser cutting.

    laser cutter machine

Laser Cutting Machine



  3. Laser marking


  In the production of motor vehicles and parts, to establish the identity of a quality traceability and recall basis, by marking the way to establish the identity of motor vehicles and parts landmark is critical. Car marking to its high efficiency and adaptability and longevity has been more widely used. Laser marking is the use of high energy density laser illumination of a workpiece, the surface layer vaporized material or a chemical reaction color change occurs, leaving a lasting markers one kind of marking method The characteristic of laser marking is non-contact processing, which can be marked on any special surface, and the workpiece will not deform and generate internal stress. Modern auto parts use various materials, including metals, plastics, glass, ceramics, wood and leather, etc., and the use of lasers can perfectly mark the surface of all these materials.

    Laser marking machine

Mini Type Fiber Laser Marking Machine1


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