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Laser Welding Machine

handheld welding


This is a 1000 watt Raycus fiber laser welding machine with a CW laser source. In addition to 500 watts, there are also (1500W / 2000W optional)
-Fast welding speed
-Perfect welding effect
-100,000 hours of service life
-Without any consumables


The following video is 1kw fiber handheld laser welding machine weld plate sheet edge

handheld welding

Mould Repair Welding 


Adopt Germany imported metal cavity, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, cavity life (8-10) years, xenon lamp life more than 8 million times


Uses the world's most advanced automatic shading system to eliminate eye irritation during working hours


10X microscope magnification, cross-cursor knowledge, and automatic light shading with high-speed liquid crystal light valve. The protective gas output in synchronization with the laser will ensure the appearance of solder joints and the solder joints will not oxidize and discolor


The display adopts 7-inch LED screen, which can realize the free conversion in English and Chinese, and can be connected with the international market; CCD monitoring system can be installed


Large welding depth, firm and beautiful appearance, full melting, no traces, no bulges or dents


Small heat-affected zone, won’t cause deformation of the mold



The following is 500w automatic laser welding machine
Welding circle tool video

Mould Repair Welding

Jewelry laser spot welding

This is 200 watts jewelry laser welder with 100 joules.

The heat affected zone is small, the welding spot size can be adjusted, the welding spot is flat and beautiful, and there is no need for excessive post-weld treatment.


Fast welding speed, high quality, non-polluting solder joints, precise positioning, no injuring of surrounding jewels during welding


Compact, elegant, user-friendly design, ergonomic, long-term work is not fatigue


The display uses a 7-inch LED screen, with Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish and other languages, with a blowing protection device


CCD monitoring system can be installed on the basis of 10X microscope


With 24 hours of continuous work ability, low power consumption

Can provide customized personalized services


Below is the video of laser spot welding for jewelry

Jewelry laser spot welding
Mould Repair Laser Welding Machine
Jewelry Laser Spot Welding Machine


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