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Laser Welding Advantages

Views:17     Author:Golf     Publish Time: 2020-01-07      Origin:Site

Laser Welding Advantages

Precise control of the laser beam offers users several benefits over TIG, MIG and spot-welding:

·         Metals: Lasers successfully weld carbon steel, high strength steel, stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, and precious metals as well as dissimilar materials.

·         Precision work: The small, tightly controlled laser beam permits accurate micro-welding of miniature components.Weld strength: The laser weld is narrow with an excellent depth-to-width ratio and higher strength.

·        Heat affected zone: The heat affected zone is limited, and due to rapid cooling, the surrounding material is not annealed.

·         Deformation: Parts have minimul deformity or shrink.

·         No contact: No physical contact between the material and laser head.

·         One sided welding: Laser welding can replace spot welding requiring access from one side only.

·         Scrap: Laser welding is controllable and generates low volumes of scrap.

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