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High laser power is a trend-Lily

Views:4     Author:Lily Shen     Publish Time: 2019-10-30      Origin:Site Inquire

For upstram laser devices, laser crystals are still taken as an example, Future development trends include high-power, high-energy laser crystals for advanced manufacturing technologies, laser weapons, etc.; for human eye safety, remote sensing, optical communication, medical, etc. Applications of infrared laser crystals; blue-green violet and visible laser crystal for applications such as full-color display, lithography, etc; LD-pumped ultrafast laser gain and amplification media materials.

For downstream laser equipment, the future development trends are as follows: First, high-power laser equipment is widely used and developed rapidly. similar to low-power laser processing equipment, high-power laser equipment is also used for laser welding, cutting and other functions, as well as hardening of metal surfaces; high-power laser processing equipement has a wide range of applications, including automotive and fitness equipment. in the fields of rail transit, aerospace and agricultural machinery.

Second, with the birth of new materials and new structures, laser welding technology has been transformed into a highly efficient new process to achieve the shift in demand for lightweight, integrated structural parts manufacturing, precision manufacturing, and low-cost, high-efficiency new processes. in particular, the integrated integrated composite laser welding equipment will be the mainstream trend in the future, which will drive equipment upgrades in aircraft and engin manufacturing.

Thirdly, high-power laser cutting has advantages over plasma cutting and flame cutting, and it is expected to replace the punching machine as the mainstream cutting equipment. Laser welding is expected to gradually replace other methods in the field of automotive welding. At present, the main automotive welding methods include resistance welding and carbon dioxide gas protection. welding, laser welding, argon arc welding, resistance beam welding, etc. with the development of lightweight and high-strength automobiles, materials such as high-strength steel sheets and alloy steels are applied to body materials, and laser welding materials have superior effects.



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